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5 Birthday Presents For Your Aries Man

Choosing a birthday gift for men seems to be an overwhelming and arduous task. Although you fall on the “the thought counts more than the gift” side of the equation, there is still a little bit of stress, especially when it is for your better half, because you want it to have a personalized touch or a gift that will be cherished for life.

However, you can rely on his stars- besides deciphering personality traits and matching horoscopes for weddings, astrological signs have more to offer.
Aries man evokes robust, independent, and masculine traits. He is the first sign of the zodiac, so he believes in leading others and is well known for his courageous and confident nature. A gift influenced by the stars will be a pleasure for you and a treat for him. <<READ MORE>>

10 Birthday Presents Pisces will love

There is only one reason you are here reading this post. You know a Pisces whose birthday is coming up and you are left clueless about what to buy for them. The first thing we need to know before deciding on the perfect gift based on someone’s zodiac is that all people are different. They have different tastes and preferences in life. Few people may not conform to their zodiac but the best part is 80% of the people do. They do confirm with most of the personality traits of their zodiac sign. Take me, for example, I’m a Virgo and I relate to most of the core traits of a Virgo, be it perfectionism, planning, being organized and, being quite the critic at times.

So the first thing we are going to do is understand the core character traits of a Pisces and then I’ll share some of my ideas <<READ MORE>>

5 Interesting Gifts for Women’s Day

Most often than not we are left wondering what gift to buy for those special women in our lives, specially when gifting seasons like Women’s Day are around the corner. The women in our lives have mastered the art of donning several hats and being spectacular at them all. The love, encouragement, support and motivation we receive from them is priceless. This is a list of 5 interesting gifts for such dynamic women in our lives. READ MORE>>

15 Valentines Gifts under 500/- INR

A compilation of heart touching and affordable gifts for this Valentines Season for all you Lovers on a super strict budget. READ MORE >>

10 Valentines Gifts under 1000/- INR

Valentines is almost here and we just wanted to compile a list of 10 unique and super affordable V-Day gifts for all you Aashiquis’ out there. READ MORE>>

5 Kickass Valentines Gift Hampers

Whether we agree or not at our core we all want to be the best gift giver ever. The joy we experience when our partners love the gifts we shower READ MORE >>

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